5G Prices In India Are Likely To Be Lower Than You Think: Here’s Why


Last Updated: September 06, 2022, 12:56 IST

5G plans are expected to cost more for the users

5G services in India are expected to be available soon, and it seems phone makers are looking at different ways to attract more people to the new technology.

The 5G launch in India is just around the corner, and as the government has suggested, you could get 10X faster data speeds than a 4G network. The new technology is most likely to cost you more, well, at least that’s what most reports have suggested so far.

But now, it seems the phone brands are working out a clever strategy to make sure you don’t have to shell out big to use the 5G network on your 5G smartphone.

According to a new report by ET Telecom this week, brands like Realme are going to partner with telcos such as Airtel and give you a 5G phone bundled with a 5G data plan. This arrangement is likely to offset the high cost of a 5G data plan, as you pay for the device.

The report hints that Realme could bring an affordable C-series 5G phone to the market with Airtel 5G in the coming months, once the 5G service from the telco is up and running. Such a move could be a win-win for both the phone maker and the telecom operator that has invested heavily to acquire 5G spectrums in India.

We already know that Jio is working with Google for an ultra-affordable 5G smartphone, about which we know very little right now. But all these moves suggest that the expensive 5G phones, along with the 5G plans can become a package that is made available to the consumers at a reasonable price.

5G is going to make its mark in the top metros with its initial roll out, and the likes of Jio has committed to setting up 5G in every nook and corner by December next year. Airtel and Vodafone Idea have made no such claims yet, but expect the 5G network to become widespread in a year or two.

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