Apple iOS 16.0.2 fixes iPhone 14 Pro camera issue and other bugs


A week after the iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro launch, Apple has debuted a new update for iOS 16. The iOS 16.0.2 update brings some specific bug fixes for the iPhone 14 Pro, along with some general fixes for other iPhones. The update even has a bug fix for older iPhones like the iPhone X, iPhone XR, and iPhone 11.

With iOS 16.0.2, Apple was able to address some serious and significant issues that were heavily called out over the past week. The camera issue that affected iPhone 14 Pro models has now been fixed. In addition, Apple also tackled the copy-and-paste bug that requested permission each time you tried to copy something from one app to another. The new update also fixed a problem that hindered the setup process, with the display suddenly turning black and becoming unresponsive. Additionally, it also addressed an issue where VoiceOver would become unavailable after a reboot. Furthermore, older generation iPhones like the iPhone X, iPhone XR, and iPhone 11 also received a fix for a strange bug that left displays unresponsive after being serviced.

The update is available over the air and can be downloaded directly to your iPhone by heading into the Settings menu. By heading into the General section and proceeding to the Software Update menu, you should see the update automatically pop up on the screen. The update isn’t too large, coming in at 352.7MB, so it shouldn’t take too long to download. Similarly, the update doesn’t take too long to install, lasting a few minutes, followed by a reboot. Just be sure that your iPhone is charged before performing the update. Apple has been working hard on iOS 16 updates, last week, it delivered update 16.0.1. The update fixed some activation and migration issues, soft images from the camera app when zooming, and sign-on issues for enterprise apps.

Source: Mark Gurman (Twitter)

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