Best accessories to buy for the HP EliteBook 840 G9


Buying a new business laptop like the HP EliteBook 840 G9 is just the start. Once you experience your laptop at work or at home, you might want to accessorize it a bit. You’d need a monitor to expand on the 1920 x 1200 resolution display, and perhaps even a dock to help you connect to additional accessories.

This is why we want to say you’ve come to the right place. In this piece, we put together some of our favorite accessories for the HP EliteBook 840 G9. These come from across a lot of different categories. We’ll be looking at monitors, GPU enclosures, docks, mice, headphones, webcams, cases, external SSDs, and even random things like cases and sleeves. Follow along with us too with the navigation guide below.

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Monitors for the HP EliteBook 840 G9

Some people might be able to get the basic work they need to complete right on the 1920 x 1200 resolution display on the HP EliteBook 840 G9. It’s spacious and offers plenty of room for multitasking, but a dedicated monitor can do a lot more for you. You’ll be able to open more windows at a time, and even share the monitor with a gaming console or other computer. These are our picks for this.

    Enjoying more space on your screen

    The HP U28 4K HDR Monitor packs 4K resolution, and really great color, HDR support, and accurate color gamuts to produce incredible images. USB-C connectivity is also an added convenience

    Ultra-wide video conferencing

    The HP E34m G4 34-inch monitor will let you enjoy your video conferencing in style. It sports HDMI connectivity, a 75Hz refresh rate, as well as a pop-up webcam and built-in speakers. Ultra-wide 3440×1440 resolution will also help you fit more on your screen at once.

    An official portable monitor from HP

    If you want an official portable monitor from HP, this is the one to buy. It connects with USB-C, and includes a mini speaker so you can output audio from your laptop wirelessly.

    This HP monitor has the basics you need without going over budget. You’ll get FHD resolution, and HDMI and DisplayPort connectivity for under $180.

    The best IPS Black monitor

    The Dell UltraSharp U3223QUE is a phenomenal 4K monitor with a 32-inch panel. It uses IPS Black technology, delivering twice the contrast of typical IPS panels, plus it has fantastic color coverage including 100% of sRGB and 98% of DCI-P3.

    The Asus ProArt PA278CV is a fantastic monitor for anyone, offering a great combination of specs and price. You get Quad HD resolution, 100% coverage of sRGB and Rec. 709, and color accuracy rated at Delta E < 2. This all comes at a very good price, too.

External GPUs for the HP EliteBook 840 G9

The HP Elitebook 840 G9 does not come with a GPU inside. That means if you want to do more demanding tasks like gaming or running virtual machines, or even video editing, you’ll have to invest in an external GPU. There’s plenty you can buy, but most of these will cost almost as much as another laptop since the GPU is not included with the enclosure. If that’s worth it for you, check it out below.

Docks and adapters for the HP EliteBook 840 G9

While the HP EliteBook 840 G9 has a lot of ports including 2 Thunderbolt 4 ports, 2 USB-A ports, an HDMI port, and a Smartcard reader, you might be in search of more ports. In these cases, you’ll need to buy a dock. There are various docks you can choose from simple ones to more sophisticated Thunderbolt 4 docks. Here’s a selection.

    This HP Thunderbolt dock is designed for businesses and expanding your workspace flexibility thanks to plug and go USB-C connectivity, integrated audio, DisplayPort, an RJ45 ethernet jack, and even VGA output.

    It’s not for everyone, but the Dell Dual Charge Dock is an interesting product that gives you more ports for your laptop, charges it, and also has a wireless charging pad for your phone. It’s pretty expensive, but you get a few extra ports and a very unique feature set to boot

    If you only need a few extra ports without too many bells and whistles, this 7-in-1 hub from Anker is a great choice. It has USB Type-A ports, HDMI, and even supports up to 85W of power delivery. It’s pretty small, too, so it’s easy to take with you so you can have more ports at the ready.

    Thunderbolt docks don’t get a lot better than the CalDigit TS4. With a total of 18 ports, including Thunderbolt downstream ports, DisplayPort, USB-C, USB-A, and super-fast 2.5Gb Ethernet, this one is something else. It also has a solid metal build that helps it feel premium and durable.

    Most Thunderbolt docks tend to cost over $300, but this one from Amazon Basics bucks that trend and comes in under $250. It still has a solid supply of ports, too, including DisplayPort, and Ethernet. USB Type-A, and downstream Thunderbolt.

    This dock is intended for use with ZBook workstations, but it’ll work with any device. It can power laptops up to 90 watts, and will add a wide range of ports from USB-A, Display Port, VGA, and even a headphone jack and RJ45 Ethernet jack

Mice and keyboards for the HP EliteBook 840 G9

If you’re like me, there comes a time when a laptop keyboard and mouse aren’t up to snuff for you anymore. It could be feeling too cramped, or causing you pains in your wrists and hands. That’s why you can invest in a full-size keyboard or a dedicated mouse. With some of these selections, you’ll be able to type and scroll all day without worry.

    Not worrying about batteries

    This wired keyboard from HP connects to your laptops USB ports. You’ll never have to worry about charging it or changing batteries.

    This keyboard and mouse combo from HP gives you everything you need to use your laptop with a monitor. It’s basic, and bound to last.

    HP products are used in business, but this keyboard and mouse combo will make you look fancy. With RGB backlighting effects, you can stand out from the crowd at work and put on a show.

    If the built-in trackpad on your laptop is causing you hand or arm pains, this mouse from Logitech can relax you. It has a comfy side grip, and a ton of customizable buttons.

    Mechanical keyboards are often the preferred choice of professional typists, and the Logitech MX Mechanical is a great option. It combines productivity features like use with multiple devices with gaming features like tactile keys and plain-white LED backlighting with multiple patterns.

    Not worrying about cables or batteries

    This wired mouse will connect to your HP laptop via USB. It needs no batteries or charging and will last forever.

Headphones or earbuds for the HP EliteBook 840 G9

The speakers on the HP EliteBook 840 G9 are quite immersive as is, but there might come a time when you need more personal audio. That’s what headphones and earbuds are for. With these picks, you can comfortably wear a headphone or earbuds all day and get the best sound from your laptop for music, meetings, and more.

    Looking stylish with your earbuds

    These HP earbuds feature deep bass and a built-in headset. You’ll be able to feel immersed in your music.

    Sony makes some of the best audio products in the world, and the WH-1000XM5 headset comes with a new, sleeker design, even better audio, improved ANC with eight microphones and two processors, and 30 hours of battery life. It’s expensive, but it offers a fantastic experience.

    While not from HP, This headset offers great sound and microphones that will immerse you in meetings. You can swivel it to store it, control volume from the side, and enjoy wearing it for long periods with soft cushion ear muffs.

Webcams for the HP EliteBook 840 G9

We’re all spending more time in front of our webcams these days, and you need to look your best. While the 5MP webcam on the HP Elitebook 840 G9 is great, you can expand on it by using a dedicated webcam. Our picks are much higher quality and will help you look cleaner and brighter on your Zoom, Skype, or Microsoft Teams calls.

    This HP-made webcam comes in at 1080p Full HD resolution. It also has a lot of intelligent features, just like your HP EliteBook, to help you look better. There’s even a wide-angle option that can help fit more of your body in the frame.

    Best webcam from Logitech

    The Logitech Brio 4K Webcam is one of the highest-rated. With features like digital zoom, a crisp 4K sensor, and support for Windows Hello.

    Best smart webcam for PCs

    The Obsbot Tiny 4K webcam is an awesome AI-powered camera that doesn’t just have great image quality (though it does that too. It can actually track the user in real-time and make sure they stay in the frame by rotating and tilting on its base. It’s perfect if you want to move around on a call.

Cases for the HP EliteBook 840 G9

If you’re spending well over $1,000 on a laptop and are like me, then you’ll want to invest in a case to help keep it safe. If a case isn’t available, then a sleeve is also a great option. This helps ensure that you won’t scratch the surface of your new laptop. These are some of our favorites and check out our full list here.

    The Nillkin sleeve is an interesting case, as not only does it offer protection for your HP EliteBook 840 G9, but it also doubles as a laptop stand and the flap can be used as a mouse pad for extra precision.

    Simple but effective case

    This Bevegekos sleeve may not stand out in any particular way, but it is a cheap and effective way to protect your laptop. It has an extra pocket for accessories, and a carrying handle that lets you carry it in a vertical orientation.

    Sometimes you need something a little tougher, and this hard sleeve from Smatree gives you that bit of tougher protection for harder bumps and drops, plus it’s water-resistant. It does not have extra pockets or a handle, but it’s great if you need more durability.

External storage for the HP EliteBook 840 G9

There’s the option to add up to 2TB of storage on the HP EliteBook 840 G9. You can do this at checkout, but it adds a lot more to your final price. That’s why we suggest checking out some of these external storage solutions. You’ll be able to store your lesser important files on the go and off your laptop, freeing up space. We have three top suggestions you can choose from.

    Need extra storage for files? Coming in at 1TB in size, this external hard drive can keep your important documents safe and encrypted

    The Samsung T5 SSD is a compact mini external SSD that can house your documents. It connects via USB-C, so it is a great fit for modern PCs.

    If you’re worried about misplacing your cable, this SSD has it built right in. It also supports Thunderbolt, though speeds only go up to 2,400MB/s reads and 1,800 MB/s writes, which is still faster than most.

Chargers for the HP EliteBook 840 G9

HP includes either a 65-watt Smart Charger or a standard 45-watt charger with your purchase of the HP EliteBook 840 G9. For faster charging, you’ll need the 65-watt option. Instead of buying it from HP directly, we suggest you check out two of our favorite USB-C chargers. With these, you can charge your laptop, as well as your other devices like a phone or tablet.

    If you want the fastest charging speeds possible for most USB-C devices and a more affordable price, the Nekteck 100W charger is a great option.

    If you want to charge your phone, tablet, or other device alongside your ThinkPad, this 100W charger has four ports to let you do just that, while still being compact.

Miscellaneous for the HP EliteBook 840 G9

We hit the major accessories that you can use with your new HP EliteBook, but there are still a few more that we think you might be interested in. These can help in cleaning your laptop and using it more comfortably. Here’s our suggestions.

    Standing and docking your laptop

    This stand not only helps elevate your PC to a great angle for typing and use with a display, but it also has some additional ports built in. You’ll no longer need to use both a dock and stand, as this is an all-in-one solution.

    Keeping your screen clean

    It seems mundane, but it can be hard to keep your laptop’s screen clean after using it for a while. This kit includes a spray and microfiber cloth to help you get your ThinkPad looking like new again.

    Getting your laptop higher

    We’ve all had times where using the laptop at a desk wasn’t quite as comfortable as we’d like, and the Moft Z is a versatile laptop stand that addresses that problem. It lets you use the laptop in different positions and heights so you can be more comfortable and work more efficiently.

As you can tell, we’ve run out of HP EliteBook 840 G9 accessories to talk about. We hope they’re helpful for you in your productivity, and more, which is why we tried our best to make our list as expansive as is.

That reminds us, if you didn’t already buy the HP EliteBook 840 G9, you can check it out via the link below. Prices start at $2,197 but sometimes it can be on sale for almost half that price.

    The HP EliteBook 840 G9 is a 14-inch laptop powered by Intel P-series processors and featuring a sleek subdued design.

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