Best Smart Plugs for Google Assistant and Google Home


There are a number of reasons to invest in smart plugs. Not only are they an easy way to connect ‘dumb’ appliances to your smart home setup, but they can also help you save money on your energy bills. The ability to set routines to turn things off and on as you require is extremely helpful. Because let’s face it, we all leave things on that we should turn off.

Smart plugs are also perfect beginner items for those just dipping a toe into the smart home world. While a house full of the best smart lights is fun, it’s more expensive than making your existing lamps a little smarter. Eventually, Matter will make it much easier to choose. But if you use Google Home and Google Assistant right now, these are the smart plugs to buy.

    This affordable four pack of smart plugs from TP-Link hooks up to Google Assistant as well as other services like IFTTT. There’s no hub required and they’re rated for 15A. Integrate with your existing setup or make use of the custom Kasa actions through voice or the companion app.

    Of course Ikea has a smart plug! Part of the Tradfri collection, these smart plugs are well priced and besides hooking into Google Assistant you also get a hardware remote control to turn them on and off. Add up to 10 plugs to one remote, or control also using the Ikea Home app and Tradfri gateway.

    Wyze has made a name for itself with affordable smart home tech and these smart plugs are no exception. There’s no hub required, instead relying on 2.4GHz Wi-Fi, with Google Assistant connectivity. The companion app also has useful features like vacation mode and grouping.

    This outdoors outlet has two sockets and an IP44 housing to protect it from the weather. It’s also extremely versatile, supporting HomeKit and IFTTT as well, though it’s a shame you can’t control each outlet independently. But you don’t need a hub, as the plug connects directly to your home network.

    When you need more than one smart plug in one room you need a smart power strip like this one. Each socket is individually controlled, the strip has surge protection and even a trio of USB ports and energy monitoring so you can check each connected device individually.

    Control your smart home and get great sounding music with Google’s best ever smart speaker. A perfect companion to Google Assistant for anywhere in the home.

If you want to diversify though, a good starting point is to pick one of the best smart speakers for your needs and then build your home ecosystem around it.

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