Can the Apple Watch Series 8 measure body temperature?


The Apple Watch Series 8 brings some noteworthy improvements over the Series 7 lineup from last year. Although the new models look pretty much the same, they get crash detection support and a new low-power mode that can extend the battery life up to 36 hours. In addition, the Apple Watch Series 8 packs two temperature sensors — one on the back crystal near your skin and another underneath the display. Apple highlighted a couple of handy new features that utilize the new temperature sensors during its ‘Far Out’ launch event. But if you’re still not sure whether they can help you measure your body temperature, you’ve come to the right place.

The Apple Watch Series 8 can do much more than just measure your body temperature

The Apple Watch Series 8 utilizes its two temperature sensors to detect your body temperature. It takes two readings simultaneously to reduce bias from the outside environment, and Apple claims that the sensors can measure changes as small as 0.1° C. Using this body temperature data, the Apple Watch Series 8 lets users view nightly shifts in baseline temperature in the Health app, which can be a result of exercise, jet lag, or even illness.

    The Apple Watch Series 8 packs two temperature sensors that not only measure your body temperature, but also unlock some additional features.

Furthermore, the Health app can utilize the body temperature data collected by the Apple Watch Series 8 to provide retrospective ovulation estimates and improved period predictions. In simpler terms, these features let users know when ovulation occurred, which could be useful for better family planning.

Apple Watch Series 8 next to an iphone showing wrist temperature graph and ovulation date estimate.

Thanks to the improved Cycle Tracking capabilities, the Apple Watch Series 8 can also alert users of possible deviations, like irregular, infrequent, or prolonged periods and persistent spotting. These can be symptoms of underlying health conditions, and the alert can prompt users to reach out to a healthcare professional at an early stage.

Apple Watch Series 8 on white background with Possible Cycle Deviation alert on screen.

There is one caveat to temperature measurements on the Watch Series 8: Apple doesn’t let you directly measure and view your temperature, and the watch is not meant to be a replacement for a clinical thermometer, nor is it to be used in medical situations. What the Watch Series 8 does is track the change in baseline temperature over time and provide insights accordingly.

Now that you know that the Apple Watch Series 8 can measure body temperature and use the temperature-sensing data for a couple of other handy features, are you going to pick one up for yourself or a family member? If you are, you might want to check out our roundup of the best deals on the Apple Watch Series 8 to save big on your purchase.

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