Google will update its older Chromecast with Google TV to Android 12


Today, Google launched its latest streaming device, the Chromecast with Google TV. The device offers HD streaming and is also priced at a very affordable $29.99. Now, it appears that Google will also be updating its older Chromecast with Google TV unit. While the company didn’t have an official announcement, it did go on record to state that it will update the two-year-old model giving it new life with Android 12.

The folks at 9to5Google got confirmation from Google, stating that it will bring an update to the device sometime in the near future. Unfortunately, Google did not give an exact timeline of when this update would arrive. Since its release, the Chromecast with Google TV hasn’t received that much attention. Don’t get the wrong idea here, the device was never been abandoned, but the updates delivered so far have been rather lackluster. In its most recent update in July, the software update delivered fixes for apps that were having issues with 4K HDR and DRM video playback. It also packs in performance improvements and bug fixes. For the most part, the older model has only received minor updates, security patches, and bug fixes.

    Google’s Chromecast with Google TV offers support for the most popular streaming services.

While there is no definitive reason as to why the Chromecast with Google TV 4K model has been neglected, 9to5Google’s theory is that the problem stems from a lack of storage space on the streaming device. Since it only has 8GB of onboard storage, it doesn’t take long to fill up once you have apps installed. Furthermore, the problem becomes more pronounced once you start updating the installed apps. When speaking to a spokesperson for Google about this issue, they simply referred to performance and storage improvements that were previously announced during the summer. Although the Android 12 update will be appreciated, for the most part, it probably won’t offer a whole lot for the Chromecast with Google TV. Users can expect support for a higher resolution menu UI, added privacy features, and other small changes.

Source: 9to5Google

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