How to Find a Forex Trading Mentor And What to Look for in Them


However, you won’t have the authentic one-on-one mentoring experience. You’ll also find that Forex trading classes are typically offered at a monthly or annual rate. It’s important to consider program length and content when deciding if a course cost is appropriate. If so, the programs can take significantly longer to complete than with other methods. Also, you’ll need to consider whether the mentoring is open-ended, meaning you work at your own pace.

What was applicable not too long ago may simply be a thing of the past today. As such, the mentor needs to have a flexible mindset and approach to trading. So, whenever you’re considering someone for Forex mentorship, make sure that you conduct relevant research as to what the actual results that they have produced are. What specific proof do they have that the customers are better off after their mentorship? After you have a positive answer to all of those questions, then making a final decision on your mentor becomes much easier and less anxiety-inducing.

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Once you pay and become a member, you are granted access to Chew’s membership inner trading room. Under his watch, the chances are high that you would get value for every money spent depending on your level of commitment. When you choose us, you get access to our experts who have over 50 years ofcombined trading experience! “We want to get as many people as possible away from signal providers, and back in charge of their own financial future,” Dan said. The TeePee Academy is truly raising the bar on what should be expected from forex education and they are constantly looking to the next level.

Q: Why do some supply and demand zones work multiple times – forex mentor online?

She does this all with her Foreign Exchange Market Trading Course and one-on-one training. Her current and past students have been able to produce income from the market during their first few months of copying nadex signals and pasting signals as well as applied knowledge. His simple and rule-based approach, dedicated spirit, and proven track record allowed him to coach hundreds of traders from 32 different countries.

Our writeup would be exposing you to the best mentors available. In addition, they are known for giving undeniable high-quality teachings and sharing ideas with regards to helping their students and their clients accomplish positive results and becoming established traders. Starting as a student of FMP back in 2010, Pierre studied hard and now trades Forex full time from his home in South Africa.

The reality is that you never get close to a real professional trader, so you don’t learn from their experience and don’t get the level of training required to achieve long-term success. In the same vein as every other business and investment opportunity, the importance of Mentorship cannot be overstated. Get a forex mentor with an excellent and evidence-based track record of profit and loss to provide answers to your questions about buying and selling in the foreign exchange market. A tutor would guide you through the theoretical, technical, tactical, and mental strategies involved in trading to build the appropriate mindset in approaching forex. Having a tutor also helps you stay positive and consistent, setting the right goals, and helping you become a consistently profitable trader.

Also, while the lessons are in English, I am fluent in Spanish and French as well, so the one on one sessions don’t have to be in English if you prefer any of the other two options. Partnerships Help your customers succeed in the markets with a HowToTrade partnership. When you work with us you get unlimited access to our Help Desk.

How To Find a Mentor for Forex Trading?

Mentees can also follow daily trade setups from the program to hasten their learning curve. In addition, he hosts clients or students from all over the world where they develop their skills and learn from trainers and fellow students. Clay is the founder of Ronin Forex Group and the trainer of the Trader Education and Community programs that educate traders and trains traders towards understanding the nitty-gritty of trading. He also assists in providing resources to get funded by outside capital. His teaching is quite personal as he trains his mentees personally and guides them into self-assured, efficient, and independent traders.

Creator of Charlie-Delta Trading

Until today, Nick and his team of traders and content creators share trading tips and predictions with their enormous community of followers. Their objective is to make a difference in the financial industry by showing their belief in a meticulous approach to moderately develop wealth in the financial market. Since its inception, he has maintained over 10,000 people across the globe.

Q: How to find a mentor for forex trading?

You will have unlimited access to me, where your trading skill will be improving so that after some time you are able to fish on your own. A Forex trading mentor should be an experienced trader with the necessary knowledge and know-how pacific financial derivatives review to successfully trade the markets. A trading mentor can significantly improve your trading performance. Marc is another prominent forex trader with over 30 years of experience in the financial market and business development.

Learn how professional traders take advantage of this knowledge to maximize their returns and protect their capital by analyzing, planning and executing their edges. Roy is a renowned master analyst and trader with over 20 years of experience. He is the co-founder at Bulletproof Traders, an industry leading FX & Crypto trading membership site.

Finding a suitable coach with all the traits listed above is very challenging. However, it is a necessity that you take your time and analyze as many coaches available as possible and observe these traits. In the spring of 2020, Marc retired from full-time best indicators for forex scalping strategy trading and now channels more efforts towards running Forex Mentor Pro. Foreign exchange is the act of exchanging one currency with another currency for various reasons. It is a universally decentralized or over-the-counter market for trading currencies.


As a trader, either new, intermediate, or experienced, and you intend to develop and expand your portfolio, Asian Forex Mentor’s ROI-focused trading approach is a suitable option for you. Matthew and his company TCG run a mentorship service and create a series of educational videos alongside his live trading series. On his YouTube channel, he trades in front of the masses each morning discussing live trades and trading ideas. TCG has a community of well-experienced traders from all over the globe that also help new and aspiring traders find their way in the market. Ribakov is a professional trader, trading coach, and certified financial technician.

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