Instagram will begin testing a potentially powerful content filtering tool


Instagram has been busy as of late, adding lots of new features to its platform. While the company currently does have a way to customize what ends up on the Explore page, it doesn’t have a precise way to refine the images and videos that pop up daily. Thankfully, the firm has announced that it is testing a couple of new ways to hopefully allow users to improve the content on the Explore page in the future.

The new test will allow users to refine their feed further and, hopefully, have recommended content delivered that is more in line with what they are looking for. Users can currently refine their feed by selecting content and marking it as “Not Interested.” While this is a great solution, sometimes it can be slow if several items need to be marked at once. The new test allows users to mark multiple items at once, making it faster and more efficient to filter out content they don’t want to see. Furthermore, Instagram will take things a step further, allowing users to filter out suggested content using words, phrases, or even emoji found in the caption and hashtags. Currently, the more granular filtering option is not live in the test. Instagram did not offer a timeline for when it would become available.

Instagram Feed options

Recently, Instagram has put a lot of focus into creating a safe place for teens. Last week, it updated the Sensitive Content Control, showing less sensitive content by default to teens 16 years and under. The firm has also introduced age verification in the United States, requiring users to provide a valid form of identification when signing up for Instagram. But, being able to filter content will take things to another level. If this kind of filtering goes live, it could become an extremely powerful tool for the platform and its users.

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