Sonos introduces the Sub Mini, a compact and powerful wireless subwoofer


Sonos is known for its simple, powerful, and elegantly designed sound products. While there have been rumors of upcoming devices, the firm has now announced its latest product, a wireless subwoofer known as the Sub Mini. The Sub Mini offers big sound in a small package, connecting to existing Sonos products to provide added depth.

Despite its small size, the Sonos Sub Mini packs in a lot of technology. Although some wireless audio products might suffer from audio delays, the mini subwoofer can be paired with the Sonos Beam or Ray and use a 5Ghz Wi-Fi connection to deliver crisp, robust, and accurate sound. Despite its compact design, the Sonos has a dual woofer setup that can generate a deep and powerful low-end sound. The firm also states that users won’t experience any kind of distortion or rattle, thanks to the subwoofers facing inwards that can neutralize distortion. In addition, the Sub Mini will offer Trueplay tuning technology that will allow the subwoofer to tune itself to the room, delivering the best audio experience possible.

Perhaps best of all, like most Sonos products, it’s easy to install, only requiring a single power cable. The Sub Mini can also adjust its audio automatically, but if you’re someone that likes to customize their sound, you can do so through the Sonos app. The Sub Mini can be paired with Beam and the Ray, and also the One and One SL. The Sub Mini comes in two colors, black and white, and will cost $429. The company is currently taking pre-orders with a retail release date set for October 6. If you are interested, you can now pre-order the Sub Mini from Sono direct using the link below. If you’re still on the fence, you can always check out our in-depth comparison of some of the best smart speakers to buy in 2022.

    A wireless subwoofer by Sonos

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