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If you have bought one of the great iPhones, there’s no better smartwatch than the Apple Watch. Other manufacturers simply can’t offer the same level of deep integration that the Cupertino firm provides. Even outside of the Apple Watch, decent smartwatch options are very limited, and Apple arguably occupies the top spot for wearables. But which of the available models is best for you? Now that’ll require some explaining.

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Best for Most Users: Apple Watch Series 8

Right now, the Apple Watch Series 8 is the best model available for most users. It offers all of the latest consumer technologies while missing out on some Ultra exclusives — which mostly extreme athletes would need. When compared to the Series 7, this model doesn’t introduce plenty of exciting additions. Most notably, it now has a body temperature monitor and supports the car crash detection feature. This watch retains the same screen sizes as its predecessor — 41mm and 45mm. Speaking of the screen, it also supports the Always-On Display (AOD) feature, allowing users to glance at relevant information, even when their wrists are down.

Another highlight of the smartwatch is its durability. The smartwatch has a thick and strong front crystal, IP6X certification for dust resistance, and swim-proof WR50 water resistance. All the health and fitness features you expect — heart-rate tracking and blood oxygen monitoring to activity tracking across workouts — are also available in the smartwatch. That’s not to mention the new retrospective ovulation estimates.

A lot of what Series 8 can do is possible with the Watch SE 2, which is our limited-budget pick. However, you don’t get an Always-On Display, blood oxygen monitoring support, and ECG hardware. In terms of speed, both watches include the S8 SoC. Though, the Series 8 supports faster charging speeds that remain missing on the SE 2. The $399 Apple Watch Series 8 truly is the best model for most users.

    This model supports all of the features most users expect to see on an Apple Watch. These include AOD, crash detection, ECG, activity tracking and more.

Best for Extreme Athletes: Apple Watch Ultra

The Apple Watch Ultra is a first-gen product, and it’s the best model for extreme athletes. This watch comes with a rugged, titanium build that makes it the most durable model so far. It includes plenty of exclusive features in both the hardware and software departments. These offerings are designed to cater to those who find the Series 8 too lacking and too fragile. So, let’s unpack.

Starting with the hardware, the Apple Watch Ultra includes a customizable Action button. This allows users to access a shortcut of their choice. It additionally includes a Siren that can be heard from around 600ft away. Going diving? This watch can read the water temperature, and it can act as a depth gauge.

The Apple Watch Ultra comes with a flat 49mm screen — rather than a rounded one. It supports up to 2,000 nits of brightness, making it easy to use in sunny, outdoor environments. Similarly, at night, users get to use a dedicated mode to make the text more legible. It really is the best model for those who go on wild journeys.

As you’d expect, this $799 watch also supports the features included in the Series 8. So you get ECG, blood oxygen monitoring, crash detection, etc. As part of its exclusives, users get to choose between three new bands. These bands are designed for different types of sports and offer unique characteristics accordingly.

    The Ultra model craters to extreme athletes who are looking for a rugged Apple Watch and exclusive features that cater to their adventures above and below sea level.

Best for Limited Budgets: Apple Watch SE 2

If you’re on a limited budget but also want to enjoy watchOS, you have a choice. The $249 Apple Watch SE 2 is the best model available for those who don’t want to spend a fortune on a wearable. Released along with the Series 8, this model packs most of the watchOS features you know and love.

For starters, all of the fundamental sensors and offerings are included. So you get to track your activity, use Apple Pay, text/call people, etc. You even get the S8 processor included in the Series 8. The biggest differences between the SE 2 and Series 8 include the screen size options, AOD support, and some additional health-related features.

The Apple Watch SE 2 is available in two sizes — 40mm and 44mm. It has thicker bezels and lacks AOD support — so the screen only lights up when you trigger it. Additionally, this watch misses out on the body temperature monitor, ECG, and blood oxygen monitor. Otherwise, you can take advantage of the car crash and fall detection features. You also get to receive heart-related health alerts and track your sleep.

If you don’t care about the thicker bezels, smaller screen, lack of AOD, and the aforementioned health sensors’ absence, then this watch is the best model to go for. Even if you’re not on a limited budget, if the listed perks aren’t of interest to you, you can safely buy the SE 2 and enjoy most of what this wearable category has to offer.

    The SE 2 model misses out on some inessential features, such as AOD, fast charging, and ECG. It’s the perfect model for those on a limited budget.

If you’re unsatisfied with all three options, you could see if the Apple Watch Series 7 better suits your needs. It’s similar to the Series 8, but it lacks some of the recent additions. So you miss out on the body temperature monitor, car crash detection, and more. It currently costs $399 — which matches the Series 8 price tag. So only go for the Series 7 if it’s discounted notably. Otherwise, we wouldn’t consider it a smart purchase.

    The Series 7 costs as much as the Series 8. Only buy it if it’s notably discounted and you find the SE 2 too lacking in terms of included offerings.

Hopefully, this has helped you figure out the best watch model for you. Meanwhile, since you’re buying one of these smartwatches, don’t forget to check out our picks for the best Apple Watch bands on the market. Lastly, we’ve recently updated our guide on the best phones you can buy right now — it’s worth exploring.

Which Apple Watch will you buy, and why? Let us know in the comments section below.

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