The Samsung Odyssey Ark is now avaialble for purchase


Samsung’s 55-inch 1000R curved Odyssey Ark display can now be purchased for $3,500 following a brief reservation period. The display first made the rounds and headlines back at CES 2022 for its massive size and ability to rotate vertically. It is currently available on, Amazon, and Best Buy.

For the price, there’s a lot that potential buyers might like, even though this might not be for the everyday gamer’s setup. The display comes in at an Ultra HD resolution of 3,840 x 2,160, sports a response time of 1ms, and comes with support for AMD FreeSync Premium Pro. More importantly, it also has a 165Hz refresh rate for fast-paced gaming. For display technology, the Odyssey Ark uses Samsung’s Quantum Matrix Mini LED, which creates amazing life-like picture quality. That is also paired with Matte Display technology, which adds anti-glare and anti-reflective features.

The signature feature of the Odyssey Ark, though, is what’s known as “Cockpit Mode.” With this mode, the entire display rotates vertically, allowing you to view vertical content like webpages with ease, or stack various windows on top of each other using Samsung’s MultiView option. This can be done by going to the back of the monitor and using the height adjustable stand. A Flex Move Screen mode is also available, which lets you adjust a feed’s screen size and move it around on the 55-inch display as you see fit.

Since this is an Odyssey-branded monitor, you’ll find features like Samsung Gaming Hub, which will let you get into Xbox Cloud Gaming, Nvidia GeForce now, and other streaming services. Samsung includes an “Ark Dial” in the box which helps in the navigation of menus to get to this feature and also change various settings on the display. That’s in addition to the One Connect Box, Remote controller, and HDMI 2.1 cables.

    The Samsung Odyssey Ark is the world’s first 55-inch 1000R rotating curved gaming screen

Source: Samsung

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